Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Training Tuesday: I'm trying

Quick review of my week. Basically it's been mostly cross training with some running attempts thrown in.  The past 2 days I've been very sick to my stomach - even managed to lose almost 3 pounds yesterday but it'll probably be back by the time I need to weigh in for tomorrow's post.

Monday 12/10/12 - Plan 45-60 min cardio: Ran 5 miles in 52:38 (10:31 pace ave). Actually felt pretty good on this run (some aching and tight calves but tolerable) and pushed hard at the finish (the last miles was something like 9:30) because it had gotten completely dark and I was freaked out.  Probably pushed too hard and screwed myself up though.

Tuesday 12/11/12 - Plan leg strength/30 min cardio: Completed 30 min leg workout then 30 min intervals on the elliptical.

Wednesday 12/12/12 - Plan arm strength/30 min cardio: Completed 30 min arm routine to shaking arms then tried out the Saucony shoes I got. HORRIBLE run. Did 1/2 mile walk then 1 mile on the TM and 1/2 mile on the track. Never felt right and the shoes were returned yesterday.

Thursday 12/13/12 - Plan 45-60 min cardio: Completed 17.6 miles on the bike in a 46 min spin class. Finished with 30 min of pilates.  This is becoming my usual Thursday workout and when I can fit it in, I hope to keep it up. The spin class pushes me a lot more than I push myself on my trainer at home.

Friday 12/14/12 - Plan leg strength/30 min cardio: Completed nothing.  Did 3 rounds of my PT exercises throughout the day and that was it. (I've been doing 2-3 rounds of PT exercises, calf stretching and rolling every day, but I don't always log it. Since I didn't do anything else because of my kid's eye appointments and then a concert at night, I figured I'd count them today.)

Saturday 12/15/12 - Plan 60-75 min cardio: Completed 91 minutes of cardio. 2 mile run in my new (old style) Asics - probably too fast (ave 10:35 pace) and I felt good until the 1.5 mile mark then started having more pain.  Pushed to 2 miles and then did a mile walk of shame home in 15 minutes.  Finished with 12 miles on the trainer (54 minutes).  I know the idea is to keep up my fitness but this just wasn't even close to what a good 6-8 mile long run would've done for me.  Realizing I won't be able to do that until f*ck knows when is really frustrating, but at least I have the trainer now so I can bike without going to the gym.  I have a very hard time counting walking as cardio though.

Sunday 12/16/12 - Plan rest day: Completed several more rounds of my PT crap.  I wish I could say it's doing me some good, but I'm just not feeling it yet.

This week I decided I'm NOT going to run the 10k in Chicago that I wanted to do in January.  I'm not convinced I could cover the distance without walking and it's a lot of money to pay to race when my original plan when looking at it was to try for a nice 10k PR and now I'd be lucky to finish. Plus, walking a 10k in Chicago in January would really suck out loud.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep doing these training recap blog posts.  All of this information is on DailyMile and since now I'm not really training for anything and every post brings out Debbie Downer, it seems kind of pointless.  Thoughts?

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