Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bayshore Half Marathon training: week 17

Week 17 was a pretty good week for me.  I feel like my training is back on track and the week ended with a "training run" that was a post-injury distance PR (and a time PR for that race)!

Monday 5/6/13 - Plan RUN 3 MI/STRENGTH (:30) - Did RUN 3.1 miles in 29:58 (9:39 pace) then 15 minutes of stretching and strength work.

Tuesday 5/7/13 - Plan SWIM (:30) - Did BIKE 8 miles in 33:40 (14.3 mph).  Biked on the trail at dusk and managed to get stung 3 times.  The ride was good but the bug bites sucked.  

Wednesday 5/8/13 - Plan RUN 6 MI speedwork - Did RUN 3.1 miles in 29:53 (9:38 pace) with a local running group.  The runners in this group were much too fast for me and I ended up having a pity party.  I'm over it now.  

Thursday 5/9/13 - Plan RUN 3 MI - RUN 2 miles watchless to test out my new running skirt.  

Friday 5/10/13 - Plan SWIM (:30)/STRENGTH (:30) - Did REST

Saturday 5/11/13 - Plan RUN 15.5 miles - Did RUN 15.5 miles in 2:41:33.  I kicked this race's ASS.  I posted the race report here.

Sunday 5/12/13 - Plan BIKE (1:00) - did BIKE 4.8 miles in 30 minutes on my trainer.  Nice and easy to spin out the legs.  Finished with a few sessions of rolling and stretching, as well as my foot in a bucket of ice water.  

I need to be careful this week to make sure I'm recovered from Saturday's race.  I can't do like I did after Martian and end up hurt this close to Bayshore.  Less than 2 weeks to go!

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