Friday, May 17, 2013

Race Photos! #53rbr #25k #runchat

Finally, a race where I don't hate every.single.picture.taken!  Granted, I look at these pictures and see so many things about my running form (among other things) that need to change, but still.  These aren't altogether horrible so I thought I'd share.

Oops - caught looking at my watch!
Around mile 15?
Determined - but the chick on the phone isn't impressed.
Home stretch - and both feet off the ground!
Official chip time was 2:41:33.
And because I couldn't just show the decent pictures, I figured I'd give you all a laugh at my expense and post a couple of the really bad ones.  It's no wonder my hands hurt after this race - in every picture I look like I'm ready to punch someone out.  Note to self - open your hands every now and then!  Also - keep working on that mid-foot to fore-foot strike, cuz it ain't there yet.

Now, the big question.  Do I buy a picture and if so...which one?

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