Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday: shaking my head

No picture today because I'm exactly where I was last week at this time - 144.0.  This makes me shake my head though because for the past 3 days I've been at 142.2.  Here I go thinking I'll have a decent weigh-in and maybe even make goal by next week Saturday, but then my original plan for dinner falls through because I didn't get home early enough to cook so I make tacos.  Read - lots and lots of sodium.  Plus, because of said busy afternoon/evening, I didn't work out at all so I'm sure I was over my calories yesterday.  I really do workout so I can eat.  You'd think running a 15.5 mile race on Saturday would've banked me a few calories, but apparently not.

Starting Weight (11-28-12): 153.6
Last week: 144.0
This week: 144.0
Change: down zip, zilch, nada
Total change: down 9.6

Last week I said I was waving the red flag. I pretty much still am.  I've given up on my goal of being at my goal weight by my race a week from Saturday.  I'd need to be trying much harder and starving myself for that to happen.  I can't lose 5 pounds in the next week and a half plus still fuel for the race.  Such is life.

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