Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday: 25k Gear & Goals

This being Michigan means the weather has been a bit indecisive. We went directly from winter to summer and now Mother Nature has decided spring was feeling left out so it's back to cooler temps and rain. I've been just as indecisive about what I'm wearing for tomorrow's 5/3 River Bank Run 25k, but I think I've got it down now.

  • On my head: Sugoi hat, Chicaband
  • On my wrists: RoadID and my Garmin 410
  • On my body: Moving Comfort Juno bra, Yellowman by YMX shirt and arm warmers (probably won't end up using the arm warmers), Athleta Relay Skort (this just came in the mail yesterday so I ran an easy 2 miles in it last night and I loved it - only thing I don't love is the color and that it's a thicker material so I'm afraid it might get warm)
  • On my feet: Smartwool PhD Run Ultralight Micro socks and my Newton Gravity shoes
I still need to somehow make it to the expo to pick up my packet/number (I'm runner 7132 but I don't believe there is runner tracking and I haven't decided whether I'll have runmeter broadcasting my run to Facebook or Twitter).  Obviously I still need to add my fuel belt and number holder but for the most part I've got my sh*t together.  Because I'm running on the team for my school district, I get to wait inside so I don't have to worry about throwaway clothes for the morning but I do need to pack a bag to check with some dry clothes for after the race.

Now....on to goals....
  • Finish with a smile on my face
  • Finish without any injuries
  • Be proud of how far I've come this year
And if I'm feeling really good....
  • Finish in under 2:52:55
I have another time goal in mind but I'm keeping that one to myself for right now.

Are you racing this weekend? Or like me using a race as a training run for bling?

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