Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Miscellany: good, bad and ugly

This weekend left me feeling like I need a weekend to get over my weekend.

First the good. We finally did something about the mess of Blu-ray movies that have been piled up next to the TV.

before - attractive, huh?
after - M still needs to do something about those CDs
I need to decide whether my OCD about the picture and cabinet not being centered is enough to drive me crazy. Either that or I move the cabinet over and we lose an outlet.

Now the bad (or good depending how you look at it).

My van hit a huge birthday last night. Yes...the OCD is strong. I had to drive a couple loops around my neighborhood so I wouldn't leave the house this morning, forget to look at the odometer and be pissed when I got to work and noticed it said 100002.  It's pretty crazy that we've been looking for a car for the kids to share and a few we've looked at have less miles than my car.  Hardly seems fair.

And now the ugly...I was *almost* the victim of a Craigslist vehicle scam but thankfully my BIL is much smarter than me and saved me $1600. All that really got hurt was my pride.  My kids were pretty disappointed, too, to find out the car we were buying for them really didn't exist.  Had this message been on the Craigslist app (it only shows up when searching via a web browser), I might not have ended up feeling so stupid after sending some asshole personal information about myself and getting excited about a vehicle that was just a stolen picture off of a real eBay listing.

I'm still trying to decide whether to write about what happened and share the emails/scam. Maybe an example of my stupidity could save someone else the embarrassment and potentially a lot of money. Needless to say, I lost quite a bit of trust in humanity this weekend. I think it's even affecting me physically because my neck has been all jammed up and I'm sleeping even worse than usual.  Huge lesson learned - just because you consider yourself to be a fairly intelligent, well-educated person doesn't mean you can't be fooled.

Thoughts? Do you want to read the emails and what my BIL taught me about scam artists? Have you ever been taken advantage of like this?

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