Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tri Training Tuesday: Week 3: #vlog #triathlon

Anyway...here was how the week panned out from a training standpoint:

Monday 6/10: RUN a most incredible 5 miles in 46:34 (9:18 pace) with Corey in the morning and then NROLFW workout A2 in the afternoon.
Tuesday 6/11: SWIM 1200 yards in 36 min - Couldn't managed to swim freestyle the whole time like I'd wanted so ended up doing 300 free/100 back three times.  Also tried to drown by inhaling water up my nose, going under and flooding my goggles, all while doing the back stroke.  I should also note this was in the pool with a deep end and I couldn't touch bottom.  It was definitely one of my finer moments. Go ahead. Laugh. It's ok.  I live to amuse.
Wednesday 6/12: BIKE - the one where I fell down.  Only  made it 1.5 miles before I wiped out and then had to bike 1.5 miles home.  It wasn't a good day.  My scrape has crusted over very nicely  now and the bruise on my elbow is quite colorful.

Thursday 6/13: RUN 3.2 miles in 31 minutes (9:44 pace).  I was very stiff from Wednesday's fall and wasn't sure how this would go, so I just left a watch on the porch and took off.  No music, just me and the wildlife.  It actually turned into a pretty decent run, in spite of the sore areas and God-awful humidity.
Friday 6/14: NROLFW 2B - I was supposed to do this on Thursday along with the run but my forearm, hand and wrist were entirely too sore to try lifting weights, so I scrapped the planned rest or swim and did the strength workout I missed on Thursday.  Didn't go nuts this time but still used the same weights as last week.
Saturday 6/15: RUN 8.1 miles in 1:26:28 (10:40 pace).  This just felt all sorts of wrong the entire time. Had to refill my water at the 1/2 way mark, never felt like I got into a groove. It was just a really crappy run.
Sunday 6/16: BIKE 10.5 miles in 43 minutes (14.6 mph) - My plan called for a 1 hour ride but I'm just not comfortable going out onto roads yet so I stuck to the trail. I was feeling really negative when I left and wasn't any better when I got back, but at least I didn't fall.  

Vlogs? yes, no, want more, don't care?  I hope I wasn't too annoying.  Ever notice things about your speech when you record one?  I know I do.

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