Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tri Training Tuesday

Since it seemed to work out to post my half marathon training here, I figured I'd start posting my training for Tri Del Sol now that all those crazy halfs are done (at least for a little while).

I have to admit - trying to come up with a training plan for a triathlon that is only about 7 weeks away, plus incorporate the NROLFW strength workouts, train for the 200 mile relay and keep up my mileage for the half I have at the end of August has been a colossal PITA.  I learned last night that I don't like to follow swimming with any other workout (unless I'm outside and just going to do a swim/bike brick) because getting dressed for a workout after a swim is dumb.  Do any of you have any idea how hard it is to put on a sports bra when you're all wet? And yes, I tried to dry off first.  I've reworked the plan a little to avoid this scenario.  I'm trying to get in at least a couple bike rides, a couple swims, 2 strength workouts and 3 runs each week. It's a lot.  I haven't even begun to figure out 2-a-day runs for the relay and I'm trying not to stress that the run days just say "run" - there's no speed work, tempos, intervals, etc.

As for last week's workouts....they were pretty minimal.  I can't believe DailyMile called them "epic" or something ridiculous like that.

Monday 5/27: nothing
Tuesday 5/28: nothing
Wednesday 5/29: 15 min abs workout
Thursday 5/30: nothing
Friday 5/31: BIKE 1.5 miles - maiden voyage clipped in and I didn't fall down.
Saturday 6/1: RUN 3.1 miles in 31:08 (9:56 pace) - pretty good run considering I still felt very tight/sore in my achilles and calves from last Saturday's half and it was 80bazilionty degrees outside.  Later in the day BIKE 7.8 miles in 31:15 (15 mph ave) - great ride but I was disappointed I wasn't faster overall.
Sunday 6/2: nothing

The workout log will get better.  I hope.  I'm open to any suggestions in that training plan.  Just hit me up in the comments.

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