Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thankful Thursday: @learningpatience #blate (blogger dates!) #getLOSTinrunning

This week I got to meet up with Corey from Learning Patience! She's a fun, runner/foodie living the expat life in Trinidad. If you don't already follow her blog, go do that...I'll wait....

We good? Excellent!

Corey was in Michigan for her nephew's graduation and decided to make the 2 hour drive from her sister's place to run a virtual 8k with me! The Get LOST in Running virtual race series is pretty cool - distances based on "the numbers" from LOST (you know, 4 8 15 16 23 42) that you run wherever and whenever you want.  Organizer Joe even says you can break them up if you want!  So far I've only registered for (and completed now) the 8k, but I might have to do more.  There are real medals for each "station" and a wicked LOST medal if you complete all 6.  This 8k (5 miles) would be Corey's longest run since coming back from a serious foot injury.

She made it to my house in a downpour so we chatted a bit while the skies cleared a little. Corey even brought me an awesome present - an "I run this body" t-shirt from mile-posts! Seriously,Corey rocks and this shirt just might be my new favorite t-shirt EVER!

The weather finally decided to cooperate so we had Kay snap a pic and we were off.

Corey is taller than I expected - or I'm just really short :)  Also note the wet - it was still raining.

I took Corey on my usual Kent Trail route - promising it was flat (she didn't totally agree but that's ok) and that the tree cover would protect us from the rain. We had an amazing run which resulted in my fastest 5 miles EVER!

what the what?!?! 9:18 average pace!!

I loved chatting with Corey, when we weren't trying to breathe. Sometimes the run just really comes together and the amazing company makes it even better.

Corey's awesome gang-sign for "8" cracked us up

After our run, we headed to a local diner to refuel, chat about blogging and share favorite iPhone apps (gotta love another iPhone addict!).  I'm not posting a picture of my breakfast because it was a ridiculous amount of food.

pic from Corey

I really love meeting other bloggers and runners.  One of the things we talked about was the amazing connection we've both made with friends all around the world thanks to our blogs.  I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for the chance to meet up with Corey. We had a blast and hopefully will get together again sometime. Now...if I could only find that money tree and meet up with her in Trinidad :)

Gone on any fun blates lately?

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