Friday, February 7, 2014

Fitness Friday: @SuddoraSports Giveaway sneak peak!

I'm excited to give you all a little sneak peak into a giveaway I'll be hosting here next week.  Paul from Suddora let me know yesterday that they are featuring some new Non-Slip Headbands with Velvet Lining over at and wanted me to pass the info on to my readers.  These types of headbands are the only ones that don't slide out of my hair.
Non-Slip Sports Headbands with Comfy Velvet Lining
Aren't they cute?!?!
Paul is sending me a headband to check out, plus another one for one of my readers.  Once I receive them, I'll give you all an opportunity to win one!  

If you just can't wait, Paul has set up a discount code to give my readers 50% off when you order though their Amazon link.  Click on the link below and enter the promo code SUDDORA5 to get 50% off! That's like less than 6 bucks including shipping!

Promo Code: SUDDORA5

Active Time: Discount code is good from 2/6/14 at 2pm PST until Feb 28th

Discount Amount: 50% Off

You can find Suddora on Facebook and Twitter (go "like" them now and you'll be a step ahead for the giveaway next week!).

the fine print: Suddora is providing me with a headband to review and another to give away, but as always, the opinions are all mine and I receive no compensation from their Amazon site.

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