Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Training Tuesday: orthotics are working!

Isn't that a pretty graphic?  One of these days, I'll learn to do screen shots from my computer instead of snapping one on my phone, but whatever.  That's a whole lotta miles this week and more and more are being logged on my feet.  This makes me happy.

Monday 2/17/14 - Plan: RUN 30/XT 30 - Actual: RUN 4 miles in 40:27 (10:06 pace) / XT Arc trainer 1.14 miles in 20 min.

Tuesday 2/18/14 - Plan: SWIM 45 - Actual: SWIM 1600 in 47:39.  This was a great swim. Dropped time on every set.

Wednesday 2/19/14 - Plan BIKE 90 - Actual: BIKE 25.57 miles in 90 min (17.1 mph). I killed this ride. Great interval workout and finally topped 17 mph on my trainer.

Thursday 2/20/14 - Plan RUN 30/XT 30 - Actual: RUN 3 miles in 30:19 (10:06 pace) This was an experimental run in different shoes and w/wo orthotics / XT Arc trainer 1.6 miles in 30 min.

Friday 2/21/14 - Plan SWIM 45 - Actual SWIM 1350 in 45:19.  Still improving.

Saturday 2/22/14 - Plan BIKE 90 - Actual BIKE 24.71 miles in 90 min (16.5 mph).  It's amazing what having fully inflated tires can do to your speed.

Sunday 2/23/14 - Plan RUN 30/XT 45 - Actual RUN 4.5 miles in 45:15 (10:03 pace) all in my orthotics and it felt pretty great! / XT Arc trainer 1.52 miles in 30 min.  I was slower on the ARC today but I didn't really care after having such a great run.

I'm starting to feel like my old runner self again and that's a pretty awesome thing.

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