Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: progress?

I feel like I haven't done a "giving thanks" post in a while, so I was due.  

I'm giving thanks that the arch support my podiatrist made is starting to make my foot feel better and I won't need to dress for work like this forever.  I was actually *thisclose* to wearing dress shoes today but decided not to press my luck.
Damn, that's a sexy look!
I'm giving huge thanks for a great run Tuesday afternoon.  I haven't seen a sub-10 minute mile in a very long time, much less had a run that didn't leave me limping and in pain for days afterwards.  I'm only allowed to run twice a week right now, so hopefully Saturday's 3 miles will go as well or better.  It's supposed to be downright balmy at 18* but the doc says no outside runs until the streets are clear, so I'll be doing loops on the indoor track again while my kids take the ACT (say a prayer for them, and me).

Today I'm also giving thanks for my Starbucks Gold Card and free drink rewards.  That triple shot might help me make progress on all the reports I have due.

Nectar of the Gods
What are you giving thanks for this week?  If you want, you can give thanks that the snow isn't taller than you and your van (unless it is and in that case, come join me for coffee and we'll bitch about how this winter is never going to end).  I guess I should also give thanks that we still have a mailbox.

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