Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Training Tuesday: lessons learned

This was a learning week.  I learned that I'm probably not quite ready for 4 miles runs, that my swimming is getting much better, and that I don't know jack about changing a bike tire.

Monday 2/10/14 - plan: SWIM 45 / actual: SWIM 1350 in 46 min.

Tuesday 2/11/14 - plan: RUN 30 and XT 30 / actual: XT Arc trainer 1.58 miles in 30 and RUN 3 miles in 31:43.  This run was tough after the arc trainer.

Wednesday 2/12/14 - plan: REST / actual: YOGA 75 minutes

Thursday 2/13/14 - plan: BIKE 90 / actual: BIKE 21.77 in 90 min and 20 min of stretching and rolling.

Friday 2/14/14 - plan: SWIM 45 / actual: RUN 4 miles in 39:56 and XT Arc trainer 1.07 in 20 min. Was probably a bit too much to try for 4 miles but it was good to see I could still do it.

Saturday 2/15/14 - plan: RUN/XT / actual: SWIM 1400 in 45 min.  I nailed this swim and swam so much faster than I normally do.  HOT YOGA 60 min.

Sunday 2/16/14 - plan: BIKE 90 / actual: BIKE 12.42 miles in 57 min before my trainer tire blew, then went to the gym for BIKE 17.1 miles in 45 min. STRENGTH 15 min (glutes and abs)

About that bike tire - I now have the knowledge to change it and got to practice a couple times because my spare tube had a bad stem.  I'll still never be able to change a tire on my own though because I don't have the hand strength.  Those little red tools were useless to me.  I wish bikes could be added to AAA.

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