Friday, June 6, 2014

Fitness Friday: Let the Real Training Begin!

It also happens to be the last day of school!

Now, I can start switching my running times to the morning when it isn't so freaking hot.

I also have my first "official" long run of my Detroit Marathon training tomorrow morning.

10 miles!

Once the double digit runs start it's like the "real" training begins.

I'm running this training run a bit differently though.

Tomorrow I'm running back to back races - a 5k and a 10k, with either a mile before the 5k or in between the 2 races (thye are an hour apart so in between is realistic).  That part I haven't decided yet.

Thoughts?  How would you run that?

I'm also struggling with which shoes to wear.  I don't think I can run 10 miles in my Newtons after 5 miles on the TM hurt on Wednesday.  Wear the Newtons for the 5k and Nikes for the 10k?  Just the Nikes?  Am I overthinking this just a tad?

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