Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon Week 5

How am I 5 weeks into this training plan already?  This week marked my longest run since April and I could definitely feel the miles on Sunday, which is why it's a blank.

Monday 6-16-14 RUN easy 3 miles in 32 min (10:33 pace)

Tuesday 6-17-14 LIFT 50 minutes

Wednesday 6-18-14 RUN Treadmill Tempo 5 miles with 3 at 10m/m pace. Average overall pace was 10:17 and I nailed the tempo because I was on the mill.

Thursday 6-19-14 LIFT 60 min.  XT WALK 3.5 miles.

Friday 6-20-14 XT WALK 4 miles.

Saturday 6-21-14 RUN long 12 miles in 2:16:xx (11:17 pace).  A perfectly executed long run, minus massive amounts of chafing. 

Sunday 6-22-14 REST

This week is going to be tough with traveling for Fitbloggin but I'm still planning on getting in at least my long run while I'm there.  Plus, I've already done one lifting and my speedwork session for the week.  It's the 2nd lifting session and easy run that will probably not happen.

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