Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 2

Not a bad training week.  Still feeling some aches from my injuries that concern me slightly but overall I'd say I'm improving, so I'll be happy about that.

Monday 5-26-14 RUN 4 miles in 46 min (11:23 pace).  This was not a good run.  Pretty sure the majority of my Monday runs are going to be watchless from now on.

Tuesday 5-27-14 LIFT 30 min.  Working on finding weights for my next lifting cycle.

Wednesday 5-28-14 RUN 4 miles speed work with 2x1600 at 9:30 pace.  Average pace overall was a 10:09 and using the TM I was able to hit the speed paces.  Pretty sure that wouldn't have happened outside.

Thursday 5-29-14 LIFT 40 min.

Friday 5-30-14 REST

Saturday 5-31-14 RUN Long 9 miles in 1:40:xx (11:06 pace).  Didn't drink enough.  Only walked twice to take in fuel.  I'll take it.

Sunday 6-1-14 XT BIKE about 32 min (14.3 mph).  Dodging families on the trail.  Pretty sure I'm never going to feel comfortable clipped in.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is National Running Day.  I'm planning to log 5 miles - what are you going to do?

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