Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: BOOM!

I got on the scale this morning and was all WHA?????

That would be a 3.4 pound loss this week!  I didn't believe it so I stepped off and back on again. Same number.  Go me!  I was hoping for 147 so the fact I broke 145 the day I'm heading down to Savannah makes me very happy.

I've been doing this paleo-ish thing for about 2 months now.  It's definitely gotten easier but I won't lie, I'm afraid of what I'm going to be able to eat on vacation.  Or rather, what I'm not going to be able to eat.  I'm not going to kid myself and think I'll be even smaller when I get home (or the same number for that matter) because I'm going to enjoy myself.  If I want a fried green tomato or a real beer, by George, I'm going to have one.  I just won't eat the whole plate full or consume an entire 6-pack.


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