Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 4

Here we are into week 4 already!  This was a super easy, step-back week, so I feel like I haven't worked out much at all. Sunday doesn't show any activity, but I did go shopping with my daughter for a few hours, so I'm sure we covered a mile or so in the mall.

Monday 6-9-14 RUN "easy" 5 miles in 54 minutes (10:51 pace).  SWIM 1200 meters.  For some bizarre reason, I got it in my head that I would do a bunch of doubles this week since all the runs were easy and short, but sadly, this was the only one.

Tuesday 6-10-14 LIFT 50 minutes.

Wednesday 6-11-14 RUN "easy" 5 miles in 55 minutes (10:56 pace).  Super humid after a storm and the run kind of sucked.

Thursday 6-12-14 LIFT 60 minutes.  Lifted heavier than Tuesday.  Here's hoping the trend continues.

Friday 6-13-14 XT walked about a mile on campus visit number 1 of the weekend.  I've also been doing a squat challenge but I'm not logging it.

Saturday 6-14-14 Run "easy" 5 miles in 52 minutes (10:23 pace).  The temp was in the 40s.  I had a great playlist.  I ran much faster than I should have.  It's all good though.  Then did another 1+ mile walk at campus visit number 2.

Sunday 6-15-14 REST (and retail therapy with my girl).

I need to stop looking ahead at the training plan because it kind of freaks me out a bit.  I need to re-arrange a few runs next week because of my trip so I'm looking at a speedwork day very close to this coming weekend's 12 miler.  Not sure how that's going to play out.  We shall see.

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