Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Old School Blogging: Summer! #OSBlogging

Mixing things up a little bit here at LLRB and joining The Miss Elaine-ous Life in her Old School Blogging.  I haven't done one of these memes in forever and when she put the shout-out on Facebook I said "sure!"  This month's theme is SUMMER. Hard to believe it's already mid-August and up here in Michigan, some of the trees are starting to change.  Le sigh.

Ready to get started?

1.  What was your favorite thing you did alone this summer?  I've actually been enjoying my weekend uber-long runs.  Taking 3 to 4 hours to myself every weekend has been a great time for reflection.

2.  What was your favorite thing you did as a family this summer?  D and K are entering their senior years in a couple of weeks and both of them were very busy with sports and music camps, so we didn't do a family vacation this year.  (We also went away for Spring Break to Charleston, so another trip so close wasn't realistic.)  We did manage a trip out to Lake Michigan early in the summer, plus we went as a family to visit MSU.
Requisite picture in front of a lighthouse.
3.  What books did you read this summer?  Is it bad to say I haven't read much of anything?  I did read The Fault in Our Stars in a single afternoon (through the Kindle app on my phone) and I'm working on a book on running right now.

4.  What do you WISH you had done this summer?  I wish I would have made a few more trips to the beach or hit up an amusement park.  Those are two things we've done almost every year and this year it just didn't happen.

5.  What movies did you see this summer?  In the theater, saw The Fault in Our Stars and 22 Jump Street.  I guess 22 Jump Street was also a "family" activity and I have to say, seeing a racy movie with your teens can be a bit awkward.  I watch a ton of older movies on my computer every week, so those would be a pain to list.

6.  Where did you travel this summer?  I actually traveled a few times this summer.  My favorite trip, hands down, was to Savannah, GA for FitBloggin14.  This weekend with new and old friends in one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen was the highlight of my summer.  I also traveled to Chicago for the day to meet up with a friend for lunch and do some shopping.  The latest trip was a 200 mile "road trip" up the White Pine Trail as part of a 200 person relay :)

Scenes from Savannah
7.  What was your favorite treat (as in dessert) this summer?  Sangria.  Summer means sangria to me.  Since going paleo-ish, I've really cut down on the desserts but if I had to choose, my favorite summer dessert would be ice cream or fro-yo.

Best sangria in Savannah - and I was able to take it "to go"!
8.  What did you celebrate this summer?  My twins turned 17 last week (how did THAT happen???) and in a couple days, I have a birthday.  Not sure I'm celebrating it this year.  Last year I took myself to Disney World for my birthday and anything this year would pale in comparison.

9.  Did you grow anything this summer?  Yep (although the garden really isn't my thing).  Zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, green beans, jalapenos, green peppers, cucumbers and about a bazillion tomatoes.

10.  What is a favorite post that you wrote this summer?  Good question.  I feel like my blogging is in a bit of a rut lately so none of the posts have been spectacular.  My favorite recently was probably my Fred Relay recap that I just posted on Monday because the experience and weekend were so much fun.

11.  What is a favorite photograph that you took this summer?  I took a bunch of great photos in Savannah.  This night-time shot is one of my favorites.

12.  What do you want to do next summer?  I definitely want to go somewhere with the kids before they head off to college.  I also MUST make it to Denver for FitBloggin 15 because I can't go 3 years without seeing my friends again.

Do you want to play along?  Feel free to steal the questions and link up with Elaine.  If you don't want to write a whole post, pick one of the questions and answer it in the comments below!

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