Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon week 13

Well, this past week I celebrated a birthday and my 2nd 20 miler of this training cycle.  I've now done more 20s for this marathon than I did for my last. Maybe the ones I still have in the next 9 weeks will pay off on race day.

Monday 8-11-14 RUN 3.1 miles easy in 34 min (11:00 m/m pace).  Took a long time to work the kinks out from the relay. I don't think I felt right until the 3rd mile and even that one was kind of rocky.

Tuesday 8-12-14 LIFT 40 min total body tabata workout. I didn't want to do anything on Tuesday but I made myself get out my home gym equipment and at least do something.

Wednesday 8-13-14 RUN 6 mile temp with goal of 4 at 9:49 pace.  I nailed this workout and averaged a 9:59 for the entire run.

Thursday 8-14-14 LIFT 30 min arms and abs only.  I woke up stupidly sore and decided the 90 min heavy lifting on the schedule was not going to happen.  Really just phoned this one in and probably shouldn't have even counted it.

Friday 8-15-14 Happy Birthday to Me.  I ran 20 miles in 3 hrs and 47 min.  Didn't hit my goal (I really need to get under 3:45 at the 20 mile mark) but overall it was a good run.  I was reminded that I'm not supposed to be hitting goal pace yet anyway, so I'm trying not to stress about still being so slow with the intervals.  Even so, I think the 5:1 is the way to go and will be the method I use for the race.  I'm very close to goal pace now with the intervals and hopefully I can up the speed a touch on race day and still hit my goal.

Saturday 8-16-14 REST.  I earned it.  What I didn't earn was all I ate on Saturday.  This is why people get fat while marathon training.  You burn a bazillion calories one day and don't feel like eating but then the next day when you burn zero calories, you eat all the things.

Sunday 8-17-14 WALK. I walked about 3 miles in the morning.  Needed to stretch my legs.  My ankles were both feeling kind of wonky.

Overall, this was a decent week.  I really need to work on getting back into lifting.  I like the new tabata workouts so I shouldn't have any excuses.

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