Friday, August 22, 2014

Fitness Friday: I screwed up my plan

You know you are a runner  when you dread rest days because that means you can't run.

So, it would appear that getting my wisdom tooth out on Wednesday was a bigger deal than I was expecting.  Here it is Friday morning and my face still throbs.

The dentist said I could run tomorrow if I ran with gauze packed in my mouth.  Does running for 3+ hours with a mouth full of gauze that you need to change every 30 minutes sound fun to you?  

Me neither.

So, I've screwed up my plan.  I tried to run my 16 miler on Monday because I was afraid this would happen but I failed.  I only made it 4 miles.  Now I'm out this week's long run and I'm looking at I think 22 miles lost this month from my training plan.  That's a lot of miles.  I'm hoping I can get all my miles in next week because I set a goal this month to hit 100 miles.  Now, I'm going to barely make it if at all.  I know having a 100 mile month isn't the ultimate goal, but the fact I was going to blow it away this month was kind of a big deal.  Only now I won't.

I should have listened when a friend said to postpone this stupid surgery.  I screwed up.

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