Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon Week 14

This past week was kind of a bust.  I significantly underestimated what a toll getting one stupid wisdom tooth removed would have on my body.  It wasn't the pain so much as it was not eating or drinking enough to fuel workouts.  I tried to run on Saturday after having my procedure on Wednesday afternoon and it was a disaster.  Lesson learned too little too late.

Now, I'm back to work as of today, so my runs are moving from early mornings to after school.  I'm hoping the heat and humidity don't have too much of an impact because I'm at the point in this plan where I need to start kicking it up a notch.

Not much to recap for this week - I tried to run my 16 miler on Monday but only made it 4 miles.  Lifted on Tuesday.  Ran a decent interval run on Wednesday at the gym.  Did nothing Thursday or Friday.  Had a horrible 3 mile run on Saturday and then walked 4 miles on Sunday.

Let's hope this week is better.

Now for a little funny - I had a great spam comment last week and thought it would be fun to share.  Enjoy the stupidity of a spambot.

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