Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Confession Tuesday: Here We Go Again

True Confessions

Oh my, is it Tuesday already?  That means 1 more day before Weigh-In Wednesday.  Oh crud.  Time to confess our transgressions over at the Sisterhood.

I actually did pretty well this week, until Saturday when we went to a street party and I ate this:

and I drank this (a Beer Machiato - a collaboration between a local coffee spot and our local microbrewery.  It was interesting, but actually pretty good once the layers combined):
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I also drank this:
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On Monday, we found a new place for lunch: 
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I had 2 hot dogs.  Granted, they were turkey dogs, but one of them was still loaded with chili and cheese and the other had kraut, pickles and mustard.  Can you say SODIUM?

For dinner Monday night, I made homemade pizza with bread machine crust.  My section had turkey sausage, 'shrooms, peppers and black olives.  Can you say MORE SODIUM?

Needless to say, I'm feeling very bloated today and am working on mainlining water to try to flush out some of the salt water.  I did sweat out .8 lbs this morning with my workout, so hopefully the water today and tomorrow's run with knock out the rest.

I did get 17 miles in last week, between biking and running, plus some strength and stretching, so that has to count for something, right?  How about you?  How did you do this week?  Head over to the Sisterhood and let it all out!

PS-I'd also like to confess that I SUCK at putting pictures on my blog. They never seem to go where I want them to go.  If they look completely bizarre after I publish, I apologize for the seemingly random placements of my pictures this week.  I tried.  LOL.  Thank you.


  1. sounds like you've had a great week activity wise!! :)

    (and the pictures look fine to me)

  2. Well, we all fall off a bit but then we get back up. No biggie. And kudos to you for getting in 17 miles! I got in 14 9 running and 5 biking before I started resting my hip.

  3. girl, no worries! and wow! 17 miles!!! congrats!! ps. beer machiato!!!!??? how WAS that?

  4. Christie-beer macchiato was very different but surprisingly good. The espresso was floated on the beer, so very strong coffee flavor at first but then more like a java stout when the flavors combined.

  5. 17 miles? YOU ROCK. When am I going to get to meet you Bari? I really feel a connection to you and your crazy self....and now I sound like I am asking you out for a date, lol!!!!!

  6. 17 miles is awesome! great job, and again that pizza looks amazing!

    The pictures look good, sometimes I have to go in an edit things when I post them all over the place...so you aren't alone!

  7. Lisa-I would so love to meet you too! You should come to Mendie's at the end of August with me and Brooke! It's not that far, right? Plus, aren't you a pro at those long distance car trips by now? LOL


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