Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday: Shrinking Days of Summer Week 1

This was a week for change for my family. We moved Dad into a new apartment and hubs turned a year older. Unfortunately, those events resulted in some very bad food choices and it showed on the scale, not so much as a gain, but not as a loss either. I'd managed to get that 20# button a few weeks ago but haven't continued to see progress in the right direction. The weigh-in certainly could have been worse.
Challenge Starting Weight: 146.8
Last week: 146.8
This week: 147.0
Change: up 0.2
Loss For Challenge: up 0.2
Total Pounds Gone: 18.8

It sucks but I'm moving on. I'm drinking my 64+ oz of water every day and I've started running again. I was planning to run this morning but another Spring storm reared its ugly head. I'd love to do another 10k but who knows :)

I also needed a change this week. Awhile back we were asked to list what we liked about ourselves. I've always liked my hair, but the Michigan humidity was making me crazy. Here I was all frizzed out and curly Tuesday morning:

And here I am after Kelly worked her magic:

Better? Lighter hair for a lighter me :)

I hope you all had a successful week. Stop over at the Sisterhood and leave some blog love! A bunch of these hookers are packing up to jet off to San Diego for their 1/2 marathon this weekend! Send them some love and good wishes. I know I'm super proud of all of them and my heart will be with them in Cali this weekend! MWAH

(My Internet was down at home this morning, so please forgive my bare-bones, no links post. I'm blogging from my phone and there's a bit of a learning curve.)
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  1. Love the new do...looks fresh and springy! I'm with you on the sucks.

    You will have that .2 gone in no time...heck you'll sweat it out with your first run!

  2. I love the new hair style! And for all of the bad food choices you encountered, 0.2 isn't terrible - you can get that off this week :)

  3. I love your hair! You look so pretty but you always do. I run a 5k this Saturday and will be thinking about our sisters to keep me going!

  4. new attitude,new hair cut woot!! :)

  5. you'll be able to lose the 0.2 in no time. It can be hard to eat healthy when your routine changes.

    You're doing great!

    Found you through the Sisterhood.

  6. Love the hair! 0.2 is nothing - you will have it gone and then some this week!


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