Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Power of One: Week 4

I'm having a bit of a weight identity crisis as in how much should I really weigh anyway and am I where I should be.  Christy left a great comment on my True Confession post yesterday and I think she made some very valid points.  I am at a weight I was able to maintain for over 6 years and I'm actually quite a bit leaner/more muscular than I was back then, so I'm in a smaller size.  I think I need to focus more on continuing to tone up and building my running mileage back up, rather than the number on the scale.  A range of 134-138 would be great to stay in.  I spent a bit of time on twitter today chatting with a couple of my twitter buddies about how frustrated they were with the numbers they were seeing on the scale.  The same up/down that I deal with.  The same sore muscles sometimes causing a gain because they are retaining fluid.  Gaining 2 pounds in just a couple days - or losing 2 pounds in just a couple days.  Fluctuations happen and that's what I told them.  Weight training is good, even if it causes a gain one week because your muscles are a bit pissed off at you.  Drinking enough water is good.  Not drinking enough water is bad.  I need to listen to myself sometimes.  I had a good week on the scale.  I am in that range, but is that really where I want to be?  Hence, the stupid identity crisis.  Here are my stats for the week:

Weight on June 23, 2009: 165.8

Challenge Starting Weight: 138.8
Last Week's Weight: 137.8
This Week's Weight: 137.0
Change: down 1.0 
Challenge Change: down 2.0

Overall, I had a good week.  My 25k training is coming along and I've gotten in all of my required workouts this week.  I ran 4 miles on an indoor track (112 left turns) on Saturday because the temps here were below zero with windchill and it was snowing like a mo-fo.  I had my fastest 4 miles EVER.  I did feel like a bit of a shmuck seeing how many people DID run outside though.  Those people are effin NUTS, IMO, but they still went out there. 

I downloaded a new iPhone app to use for strength training: Nike Training Club.  If you don't have it, do download it.  The app is free and has tons of exercises.  I was so frigging sore yesterday from Monday's workout that I almost didn't do my training run on Tuesday.  I still did it though - 3 miles outside in the slushy snow YO!  Today, I want to cry every time I have to get up out of a chair or walk down the hall.  My legs are TOAST. 

Today I tried out the Wii Zumba game I won from Tirah.  It was really fun, but I honestly didn't feel I got much of a workout because I was trying to figure out the moves, and let's face it, my hips just don't move like that.  At least I only embarrassed my children, though.  I'm sure once I get the moves down, the sweat will happen.

So, I hope everyone else had a great week. If you lost weight this week - congratulations and good job!  If you didn't lose this week - it's ok, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint and every week you get a little stronger.  The strength might be physical.  It might be mental.  It might just be a little more knowledge about what works and what doesn't work for YOU.


  1. I didn't know that -- the part about sore muscles not exactly helping with the fluctuation of weight, etc.

    Also, my mother actually is a Zumba instructor. She puts me to shame as I can't move my hips like that either. Gah.

  2. I think you look fantastic. Stop being so hard on yourself. Keep up with the exercising and running and watch what you eat and you will be fine. You are at a healthy weight that looks really good on you. I should be so lucky.

  3. you are beautiful! accept it before one of us has to come up there and kick your booty.

    how often do you weigh yourself? have you considered cutting yourself some slack and maybe only doing it half as often?

  4. You are such and encouragement Bari! The scale can be so frustrating because we get so focused on the number. I have been slowly trending down, but yet the way my clothes fit is changing dramatically, so I know that I am gaining muscle and defining my body. The number still messes with me though!

    It sounds like you have gained a lot of insight and have a good plan to keep all in perspective. You look great and are doing amazing!

  5. I think that identity crisis is probably normal. It seems that we push and push to get to a weight and then you wonder what to do once you get there. I mean, it's great!, it just that it really seems like it takes some mental readjustment! Sounds like you've got some great advice for other and it will do you good to listen to yourself! ; )

  6. You know how I feel about weight ranges. But I want you to ask yourself WHY you want to be lower than where you are now. Would you be able to maintain it? Would you be able to enjoy life trying to maintain it or would you be constantly feeling deprived and battling with yourself?

  7. Thank you for your incredible sharing! Your running logs are totally motivating!!

    I was given a "Stylish Blogger award"/ shout out and asked to pass it on to blogs that I delight in. I'm a new reader but I'm already hooked! So I included you in the blogroll.

    Thanks for your sharing! I linked your blog in this post "awarding" you for your fabulousness!


  8. Oh Thea is so freakin wise. You have come a long way and look amazing and are a wonderful support to everyone else. Don't be so hard on yourself, hooker. xo


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