Monday, January 24, 2011

Stylish? Who, Me? Thanks!

Last week, one of my favorite bloggers passed on a Stylish Blogger Award to me!  She @ The Thirsty Magnolia (love that blog name, btw) wrote:   "Bari, you are very motivating, on twitter and your blog, you deserve recognition, albeit free on my part!"  Awe, that is about the sweetest thing anyone has ever said!  So, thank you, She, for this little award.  (Now, as for the "stylish" part, I have to thank my blog designer, Lindsay, for the super-cute blog I'm rocking over here!)

I "met" She on twitter and she's participating over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans with their latest challenge.  So head over to her blog and give her some love, M'kay?

Now, this award doesn't come totally free.  There are rules.  Seriously, what would life be without rules.  Rules are good!

Rule #1: give thanks.  Done - see above.

Rule #2: share some things about myself.  She shared 7 things about herself (I found out we both love mustard on our hot dogs and prefer to do the driving!).  I figured I'd stick with the idea of 7 random nuggets.
  1. I've hiked a very teeny-tiny section of the North Country Trail.  I did this about 10 years ago when I was at my heaviest.  I'm thinking this summer I need to do it again.
  2. I love, love, love to travel, but don't have an endless supply of cash, really don't like to fly and can't stand to be in a car for more than 6 or 7 hours.  I'm going to love it when we can just teleport ourselves a la Star Trek.
  3. I have a thing for numbers, specifically palindromes, but I usually miss them by *thismuch*.  For example, I noticed yesterday that my van hit 60608 miles.  Darnit!  
  4. I've been thrown from a horse.  It was between graduating from college and starting my first job, so I didn't have any health insurance.  I refused to go to the hospital, even though I probably had a couple bruised ribs.  I had trouble breathing for weeks.  Not my finest hour.  If you get seriously injured, don't be a dumb@$$ like me.
  5. I went to a rave (with a much-younger friend) while we were in DC for a conference.  A rave is the only way I can describe it.  Totally gutted brownstone in Dupont Circle, devoid of any furnishings other than a bar on each level, completely packed with 20-somethings.  Did I mention I was in my early or mid 30's? Filarious.
  6. I like to drink my Diet Coke straight from the can.  If I'm home, I'd rather drink it a little warm than put it in a glass with ice. 
  7. I'm a certified SCUBA diver; however, I've only been on one dive trip and that was in July 2007.  I'm afraid if I strapped on a tank now, I wouldn't have a clue about what to do.  Once you are certified, you are technically certified forever and never need to renew.  That is really scary.
And now, I get to pass on this award to 7 of my favorite bloggers!  Sorry I didn't grab your buttons but I was being lazy at work and it was SO SO hard to only pick 7, because I love all of my readers/friends so much. 
  1. Nancy at She's Getting Serious
  2. ChristieO at Average Moms Wear Capes
  3. Mel at Mel Rene
  4. Monica at Monica Wants It
  5. Tiffany at A Tall Drink of Life
  6. Lisa at Growing up Mo'
  7. AZLB at The Love Bug Adventures
OK, ladies!  It's your turn.  Grab your award, tell us a little more about yourself, and pay it forward.  MWAH!


    1. So I learned some things about you that I didn't know. Thanks for the award. I'll try to get it done tonight when I get back from boot camp.

    2. Thanks so much for the award! You are a constant inspiration to me Bari- you looked smokin' hot in that pink sweater last week. So jealous! I look forward to getting fit and healthy along with ya in 2011. Smooches!


    3. awww thanks bari! you're the best!! you number people crack me up! my husband's the same way. pi day is his holiday.


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