Tuesday, January 25, 2011

True Confessions

I confess I forgot it was Tuesday!  Been busy today, so you get bullet points.
  • I've been completely scale obsessed.  I'm not sure if I need to be happy with my 135-138 range or if I want to push it to get below 135.  I'm certainly in better shape at this weight than I ever have been.  This is the weight (number-wise) that I maintained for over 6 years after losing 50# with Weight Watchers.  Maybe this is where I'm meant to be.
  • I've slacked on the sit-ups and push-ups, although I did download a new iPhone app (Nike Training Club) that was free and rocks.  If you have a 3GS or newer, go download it while it's still free. Apparently it doesn't work with older iPhones, but you could always try it.  This workout kicked my arse yesterday.  I haven't been sore from a workout in quite a while.
  • I feel like I've been eating OK, but I haven't seen the results on the scale.  I really don't want to start counting calories again.
  • I have date night tonight to go see Black Swan.  I really want popcorn, but that would royally screw me on the scale tomorrow, so I won't have any :(
  • I ran outside in my neighborhood tonight.  It was slushy but the temp was around 30 so I stayed pretty warm.  All the slush is tough on the ankles, but not as tough as running the indoor track at the gym.  I ran 4 miles there on Saturday.  112 left turns really ticked off my left ITB.
  • I'm currently stuffing my face with PopChips.  Right out of the bag.  Wasn't really hungry for "food-food" when I made dinner, so only had 1 buffalo chicken taco.  Now I have the munchies.
  • Went out with my IRL BFF and her hubby for her 40th b-day this weekend.  I had several drinks (but stuck with rum and diet coke - 69 calories!).  I had the best sushi I've ever had and a delish "smore" creme brulee for dessert.  Oh crap.  I also had an espresso martini with the creme brulee.  In my defense, I did split the dessert with the hubby.
OK, gotta get ready for my date. 

PS-if your name is April, I will catch up with the #tworkout tomorrow.


  1. Bari, I hear you on the feeling stuck/being happy (?) at the current weight. We're right in the same range! Something I read today in my new SHAPE mag made me think though. It said that even though you might be at the same weight you were at your lowest (highschool was referenced), your body might be smaller because your more physically fit than you were back then. I know that's the case for me. I was around 130 in HS, and 136 in my early 20s, but I feel smaller, and I'm wearing a smaller size now. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that maybe you have more muscle now, and while you weigh more than your ideal weight, it might not be more in reality. GAH. Does that make sense?!

    I hope you have a great date night. I'm totally jealous of the awesome sushi you had over the weekend! WOOT! And espresso martini? YUM.


  2. Sounds like a pretty good week...even the night out doesn't sound so bad!!
    I LOVE PopChips, too!! So easy to eat them right out of the bag!


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