Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy #runDisney Tuesday!

Lately, my Tuesday posts have been full of gloom and doom and generally not being very nice to myself.  

Not today.

Today the sun is shining and I'm getting ready to go for a run (even brought my running clothes to school so I could squeeze it in before picking up K from track).

I even registered for another race today :)
Yep!  I'm going to be running the 2012 Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in November so I can earn my Disney Coast-to-Coast medal!!   This will be my first-ever night-time race, which scares me a bit because how in the heck do you train for that???? But I'm going to be running with some girlfriends again and then partying it up at Epcot until 3 am.  

Is it really only March?  This year needs to get moving - I've got people to visit and races to run!

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