Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 10

Getting into the home stretch.  It's time to start earning that taper in a couple weeks - I can't believe the race is in less than 3 weeks. I know I can cover the distance, but I had a bit of a rough week, so I'm not going to say much.

Monday 10/15/12 - RUN: 6 mile tempo. My longest tempo to date and it didn't go well. 1:01:04 (10:10 pace overall).

Tuesday 10/16/12 - XT/Cycling - I hooked my bike up to my girlfriend's trainer.  Holy sweat fest! I cycled for an hour & guess it was around 14 miles.

Wednesday 10/17/12 - RUN: 7x800 Yassos (plus 1 mile wu/cd in 10:47).  First time to do 7 of them.  I ran outside (my 1/2 mile neighborhood loop) and I averaged a 9:07 pace. 3.5 miles in 32 minutes is crazy - but when you take into account the 4:30 rests it's not as impressive.  

Thursday 10/18/12 - XT/Yoga- Did 30 minutes of yoga. The workout was supposed to be 40 minutes but it was mostly sun salutations and I got bored.

Friday 10/19/12 - Rest day. 

Saturday 10/20/12 -  RUN: 2.4 mile shake out run. Easy 2 miles followed by 4 sets of strides. Averaged an 11:10 pace, but the strides were crazy fast.

Sunday 10/21/12 - RUN: 12 miles in 2:16:23 (ave 11:24 pace).  I ran the 2nd leg to the Grand Rapids Marathon Relay and then ran back to town. You can read what a disaster it was here.

I REALLY need some good runs this week to get my confidence back but my training this week scares me.  This is peak week - 6 mile tempo, 8x800 and a 13 mile long run. To be brutally honest, I'm scared.  I'm still sore from Sunday's crap 12 and I'm afraid  I know I can finish the half at this point, but I also want to have fun and not completely suck. I don't think that's too much to ask.

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