Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Speedwork

Today I'm giving thanks for speedwork.  Ok, now before y'all think I'm completely nuts, let me explain.  Bullet points might work for this.

  • Speedwork does, in fact, make you faster and stronger.
  • Speedwork makes you feel like a badass.  When I started doing Yasso 800s 2 months ago, the thought of doing 2 of them at a 9mm pace was laughable.  Yesterday I did 6. And I didn't die.
  • You can do speedwork almost anywhere.  The track, on a treadmill, or in loops around your neighborhood. I haven't tried them on the track yet because it's football season and the high school track is a little busy after school, but I really like running the 1/2 mile loop in my neighborhood - even if my neighbors think I'm a bit insane.
  • When you tweet about your speedwork, Bart Yasso might actually tweet you back. :)

That tweet totally made my morning. I joke that I'm a real runner now because Bart Yasso tweeted me, but really I've been a badass mother runner all along. 

Who would you love to get a tweet from? Have you ever received a tweet from someone "famous"?

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