Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 7

Over half-way there for Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  I'm getting excited and at the point where I know (baring any bad injuries) I can definitely FINISH the distance - how quickly I finish still remains to be seen.

This week the long run and speedwork miles ramped up quite a bit again but I'm feeling better than I was last week at this time.  I'll consider that a win.  I was awful, however, on cross training this week. That part is a fail.

Monday 9/24/12 - Run: 3 treadmill miles (1.5 mile tempo) at 6am. Kept my tempo pace at just under a 10m/m but I was tired and this run felt harder than it should have considering it was a step-down from last week. Finished the day with my massage therapist after school. I like that she helps flush out all the lactic acid from the weekend's long run.

Tuesday 9/25/12 - XT scheduled but I did nothing. I have no excuse.

Wednesday 9/26/12 - Run: Yasso 800s around my neighboorhood. 1 mile warm up/cool down in 12:00, then 2.5 miles of 1/2 mile repeats (5x800) with a 4:30 rest in between sets. Averaged an 8:56 pace for these (provided I did the math right) and I felt incredible when I was finished.  They still kicked my ass and I was dying about 1/4 mile into each one, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of them. I'm so proud of myself for hitting my paces pretty consistently throughout too (4:25, 4:33, 4:23, 4:34, 4:27).

Thursday 9/27/12 - XT - biked 7.8 miles in 36:49 (ave 12.7 mph).  I was hoping this ride would help flush my legs out after the speed work but they just felt heavy and fried. My average speed was awful compared to what I should be able to do and I ended up cutting the ride short because I really wasn't feeling it.  It was still probably better than nothing, though.

Friday 9/28/12 - Rest day. 

Saturday 9/29/12 -  Run: 10 miles in 1:52:58 (11:17 pace). I ran a supported (sorta) 10 mile training run that was put on by one of the local running stores.  I paid and registered and had a race number but the run wasn't times and there is some question that the distance wasn't totally accurate so I'm not calling it a race. The weather was beautiful and I ran the first 4 miles with one of my runner girlfriends.  The conversation was great and it helped the miles go by faster.  I had forgotten how hilly this section of the Grand Rapids Marathon course was, though, and the hills kicked my ass. Literally. As in my ass was still sore on Monday.  But I need to suck it up since this will also be my section of the GR Marathon Relay in a few weeks. My splits weren't too shabby considering all the hills: 11:24, 11:29, 11:22, 11:19, 11:22, 11:36, 11:22, 11:47, 10:56, 10:23.  With that push in the last 2 miles, I definitely had some gas left at the end, but still don't think I can maintain that pace (10:23) for 13.1 miles.  Time will tell. I felt pretty good by Monday, but Saturday night and Sunday I was pretty sore and my ankle was PO'd from the slant on the street.  Again, just telling myself to suck it up.

Sunday 9/30/12 - Nothing. I focused on stretching and rolling. Also went up and down my stairs doing the laundry and did all the grocery shopping. That should count as cross training.

Last week at this time, I was fighting a cold and a little worried as to how it would affect my training. Luckily, it seems I've mostly nipped it in the bud.  This coming weekend I might shoot for 12 miles.  I need to flip-flop a couple weeks because I agreed to do a 25 mile bike ride/fundraiser thing on the 13th and have ZERO desire to also attempt a 10 or 12 mile training run that day (I can switch to the 10 mile ride if I need to, but even that after a 10 or 12 mile run would be nuts). I think this weekend's 5 would be much more reasonable that day. 

This training cycle I'm hoping to hit at least a couple 12 milers before the half.  I've never trained past race distance before (obviously I've run farther than 13.1 in the past since I've done a 25k and marathon).  Do you ever train past race distance, or stick to just below?  I remember topping out at 20 in marathon training and thinking there was no way I'd be able to add a 10k to that, but I did. This week I knew after running 10 that I could add another 3.1.  Running is so mental, don't you think?

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