Monday, October 1, 2012

Menu Monday: Sloppy Joes

So, yesterday I was stuck in the car and bored so I sent a tweet out asking what I should blog about, because let's face it, what good is a freaking smart phone if you don't use it to entertain yourself in the car? Right?

Anyhoo....I got a reply back from Brooke and I posted a recipe.  Only I screwed up the recipe (Sorry, Brooke!) because I was typing really fast on my phone to be able to publish it since we were in the middle of nowhere and I didn't know when I'd lose a signal.  So here's the corrected recipe.

Easy Sloppy Joes

1 pound ground beef, fried up (we keep containers of it in the freezer - just pop out and nuke as needed).
1/2 to 1 can tomato soup (use a good one, like Campbells, if you want it to taste good) this was the ingredient I forgot, oops!
Ketchup - however much you want
Minced onions (or cut up a real onion if you so desire)
Chili powder
Brown Sugar

Basically, just add all the ingredients to the cooked up hamburger. If you aren't using frozen, you can cook up some minced onion and the spices with burger, but it doesn't really matter.  You could even throw in some red pepper flakes to spice it up, cumin, minced green pepper, whatever your little heart desires.  Everything you add based on how sloppy you want it (we call it "Not-so-sloppy, sloppy joes" because I don't use as much of the soup and Ketchup) and what kind of "stuff" you like in your sloppy joes.  Add the brown sugar at the end (usually just a teaspoon or so) to sweeten it up if you want.  It's super easy and I think tastes better than the sloppy joe mix from the jar.  Serve it on buns with some tater tots on the side (and a nice salad) and your kids will think you're a rockstar.  It's even better reheated the next day, so double the recipe. As is, this will make 4-6 sloppy joes.


Do you have any easy, in-a-pinch recipes that you like to throw together when you're short on time?

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