Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 11

I won't lie...this week really kicked my butt!  Peak weeks are no joke, my friends, and my legs are not very happy but the rest of me feels great about how the week turned out.

Monday 10/22/12 - XT: 2 mile walk in 31.55.  Basically I just needed to stretch my legs after my relay the day before. The hills on the course really nuked my legs and then trying to run with my team to the finish line was just the nail in the coffin (the pictures only prove how much I sucked at that point because I'm not even in them since I couldn't keep up).

Tuesday 10/23/12 - RUN: 6 mile tempo in 1:01:53 - I ran on my BFF's treadmill while she rode on her trainer because storms were predicted (and hit while we were working out). This wasn't a great tempo run and I really struggled to maintain paces - the struggles were more mental than physical.

Wednesday 10/24/12 - XT: Cycled clipped in at my gym (used one of the gym spin bikes). Rode 10.5 miles in 32 minutes and felt pretty good.  Still way to chicken to clip in on my own bike - in fact, I haven't even installed my new pedals yet.

Thursday 10/25/12 - RUN- Yasso 800s x 8 in 36:17, plus 1 mile wu/cd.  I did these at the gym again and managed to hit my paces (around 4:30ish for each 1/2 mile).  I've decided I MUCH prefer running these outside, but our weather hasn't been cooperating. It doesn't look good for this coming week either due to the remnants of some Frankenstorm.

Friday 10/26/12 - Rest day. 

Saturday 10/27/12 -  RUN: 13.1 miles in 2:29:37.  I finally had a strong run!   It was super cold out (32 degrees) and sunny with a breeze that didn't bother me until I was running into it for miles 9-11.  My shin/calf were unhappy through the whole thing, but nothing I couldn't work through.  Mentally I stayed tough and I ran the whole time (except for all the stop lights I stood at - those weren't recorded by my garmin except for the spike to zero miles per minute and a pause, and stopping at home after 3.1 and at the gym at 8.1 to top off my water bottles).  When I uploaded my data, it had my "moving time" at 2:26 - so I might have actually set a half marathon PR if you don't count the funky way I ran the route today.  :)

Sunday 10/28/12 - XT/stretching: I'm counting the 1.5 hours I spent walking around doing the grocery shopping as cross training. I also stretched and foam rolled several times during the day.

I can't believe I only have 1 more week of hard training before I'm into the taper for Wine and Dine.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be heading to the Happiest Place on Earth!  

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