Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 9

This week turned out to be a bit of a bust.  I shortened my long run way down because I was planning on a 25 mile group bike ride and because of the weather (read torrential downpours and high wind) I didn't ride. I only logged 13 miles this week.  Not the kind of numbers you want to report a month out from your half marathon.  Anyhoo...here's the way the week played out.

Monday 10/8/12 - RUN: 3 mile tempo. 1.5 mile wu/cd at 11:35 pace then 1.5 mile tempo at 9:45 pace.  Massage appointment after school.

Tuesday 10/9/12 - Nothing :( I don't even know why I didn't work out.

Wednesday 10/10/12 - RUN: 6x800 Yassos (plus 1 mile wu/cd).  First time to do 6 of them and I averaged a 9:03 pace. Used the TM at the gym and it seems that surface makes my shin and knee less cranky but is boring as frak. It's pretty cool to see on DailyMile "Bari ran 3 miiles in 27 minutes" even though it's not really true with the 4:30 rests between sets.  I'll still take it though.

Thursday 10/11/12 - XT/Strength - 20 minute core circuit.

Friday 10/12/12 - Rest day. 

Saturday 10/13/12 -  RUN: Long run Saturday and I only ran 6 miles, but I did them at a 10:08 pace in a cold rain.  That should make them count double, right???  The first 4 miles were sub-10 m/m pace, which was clearly really, really stupid.  Kids...this is how NOT to do your long run. Just sayin'. I wanted to just run the middle 2 miles at HM pace and I ended up running the whole thing at my 5k pace. Oops.  I'm also disappointed in myself for not riding in the charity ride I was supposed to do but I really didn't feel comfortable biking 25 miles in the rain and wind. One of these days I'll be a badass on my bike, too, but not less than a month out from my half. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to ride when I set out for my run at 7 am.  I should've added on a couple more running miles but after busting out 6 way too fast miles, I had nothing left. Live and learn, I guess.

Sunday 10/14/12 - XT/Stretching - I found a new YOGA app (I downloaded the free version) and it was pretty good. I had an app awhile back that only showed photos and I'm yoga dumb so the videos in this one were much easier to follow.  Did the level 1 20 minute workout and then finished with 10 minutes of foam rolling.  One of my friends asked which app, so here it is.  I'm going to do a few more of the "free" workouts and if I still like it, I'll drop the $3 for the full version.
So, even though I only logged 13 miles this week (which probably should have been my long run #fail) I at least did a couple easy stretching/toning workouts.  Not ideal, but better than the zero XT sessions I had last week.  Baby steps.

I've already made a contingency plan for tonight's workout. I'm hooking my bike up to a friend's trainer and giving indoor biking a shot.  I'll have no way to determine speed or distance since I don't have a cadence adapter for my new Garmin, but I'll at least shoot for a good hour ride.  On Saturday, I bought cycle shoes on clearance and when pedals go on sale at Thanksgiving, I'll add those to my arsenal.  Still trying to find a trainer on craigslist since those things are so freaking expensive.

This week the rain and wind stopped me on the bike but I had no issues running in it.  Where do you draw the line with training outside in nasty weather?

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