Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 8

I'm a bit amazed that I'm not just a little over a month away from heading to DISNEY!!! This week has been another week of strong running and little to no cross training.  This seems to happen at about this point in all my training cycles.  I keep up with the running, but everything else goes to pot.  I keep saying, "this time it will be different" but it's time to call bullshit on myself.  It's never been different. I don't know why, but I can't keep up with the cross training and stuff. I should be able to, but for whatever reason I completely fail in this regard.  Ugh.  

Monday 10/1/12 - No workouts, but saw my massage therapist for my usual Monday treatment.

Tuesday 10/2/12 - B double E double R U N BEERRUN! Tonight was the final GR Marathon Beer Run for the year (except for the post-marathon one they usually do in November) so I moved Monday's tempo to today.  Since I needed to get 5 miles in, I left for the run about 20 minutes before the organized group run started. 1 mile warmup and then one of my fastest 3 mile runs ever (29:48, a 9:56 pace!), followed by a 1 mile cooldown.  This was very tough but the beer afterwards was worth it.

Wednesday 10/3/12 - Bupkiss. This is becoming a very sad trend.

Thursday 10/4/12 - Run - 5x800 Yassos.  This time on the treadmill because the weather was pretty crappy.  Averaged a 9:02 pace for the 1/2 mile sprints, which was great, but I hated doing them back inside after the great outside runs I've been having.

Friday 10/5/12 - Rest day. 

Saturday 10/6/12 -  Run: 12 miles beyotches!!! This was an untimed run, which for me is almost unheard of.  I have no idea exactly how long it took (I have a rough idea but I'm not reporting it). It was very refreshing to just go out with my music and try to find that joy in running again.  

Sunday 10/7/12 - Nothing. I focused on stretching and rolling. Also went up and down my stairs doing the laundry and did all the grocery shopping. That should count as cross training. (This is exactly what I wrote last Sunday, only the stairs were more painful this time.)

This coming week I have a few shake-ups in the schedule and I'm hoping the weather holds for what is in store on Saturday.  More to come!

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