Thursday, September 26, 2013

#TTT: Words of Wisdom

I had a bit of a revelation last night. Ok - it pretty much slapped me across the face.


There has been too much negative here and I'm starting to really believe all the bullsh*t I've been telling myself.


I can't continue to feel sorry for myself. I determine my moods. I can't change what's happening but I can try to change how I react to it.


I've decided I really just need to STFU about this latest injury. I'm going to count my blessings instead.

I'm not in a cast or boot.
I don't need surgery.
I'm waking up with less pain every day.

Later today, I have a post going up at Shrinking Jeans and I'm hoping that's the last post I write on this subject. Granted, this is my space and if I want to write about how I'm doing later I will. But for now, I'm done posting negatives.

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