Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: suckitude

Starting Weight (11-28-12): 153.6
2 weeks ago week: 145.8
This week: 147.4
Change: up 1.6
Total change: down 6.2

Pretty much hate this but it's my fault for going out on Sunday to watch football (and eating wings and drinking beer) and eating some saltier foods this week.

I know I'm not working out hard enough and only being allowed to run 2 miles at a time doesn't help (my diagnosis is "greater trochanter bursitis" with "glute medius and minimus tendinosis" - basically fancy words for fluid on my hip & irritation near the femur).

I'm full of excuses, aren't I? Hopefully it gets better soon or I'm going to need to buy new pants and I'd rather save my money in case I can ever race again.

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