Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: a feel good post!

September 6th, 1981 at Osceola Dragway in Osceola, In
There has been entirely too much doom and gloom on this blog lately so today I'm going to give you a completely different type of post for me.  I'm hoping you stick with me and can take a few minutes to help my BIL give his parents a really cool 50th anniversary.

My BIL, Ken, writes:

The background is that my parents were married 11/9/1963, so this year is their 50th anniversary which made the ’63 Impala special to my mom.  As a kid, I remember being hauled around town in this thing; to the store, to grandma’s house, to school.  I always thought it was my mom’s cool car.  This is the car we raced, the first time I ever went drag racing at Osceola Dragway.  Mom loved the get-up-and-go, but stopped driving it, because gas for the hi-po 327 was not cheap, and it was a little cantankerous to drive. 

It hasn’t been on the street since I drove it a few times in high-school.  Since then, mom has been a little disappointed in her three boys, that we’ve never freshened up the motor in the ’63 so she could drive it again.  We’re trying to right that wrong and surprise them with the new ‘63 at their anniversary party in November.

MSD is giving away a fuel injection setup that would really be the icing on the cake for helping us complete this project in time for their party.

Below is the link and the picture that you are looking for on their website.  Vote often and early… or at least the one time that they let you vote.  I think you’ll have to like LSXtv and then vote.  You can always unlike them when the contest is over.

Please pass this along to anyone who might like this too!

Do you think you could take a few minutes today to help Ken, his brothers Brian and Brent, and ultimately their really awesome parents (yes, they aren't technically my inlaws and they are really great people).

This is the link to the contest: and the picture/post you will be looking for.
My mom hasn’t driven her 59,000 mile original ’63 Chevy since 1990 because the original 10.5:1, 250 HP, 327 is a premium gas swilling, unreliable, pain in her arse. So for our parents 50th wedding anniversary this November (married on 11/9/1963), we have decided to surprise her with a 5.3L LS engine swap that will start every time, run on regular gas, and make more than 300 HP!

Mom once broke the 4-speed shifter off at the floor while taking us to school, because she didn’t want to get beat by the Camaro in the next lane, so I know she’ll love the look and extra power of an MSD Atomic LS EFI system. Yup, that’s my Mom. 

Help make their 50th anniversary the best one yet!

What do you think?  Can you help?  Go here to vote for Brent Robbins' entry!

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