Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Burst Into Summer: Aug 3 check-in

Just popping in to say it's check in day. My weight has been kept in line, I'm still eating breakfast & most days get in a fair number of fruits & veggies. (Today, I'll be counting sangria as my fruit since I'll be at a pool party all afternoon/evening, most of the time in my 2-piece. I need all the liquid courage available for that!)

I have been terrible about consuming dairy. I have a hard time justifying the calories for something I don't like, so I'm looking into supplements. I also have not eliminated pop.

As for exercise, I've been keeping up with my marathon plan (a few blips last week because I was visiting Kirsten, but totally worth it). I'm also getting in one good cross session (usually biking) & most weeks get in a strength workout, but I know only 1 strength session a week is kind of a joke. Must do better. (Isn't that what I always say?) This weekend I have a 15 mile run on the schedule. Yikes!

So how did you do this week on the healthy eating & exercise front?

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