Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Confessions: Is This Wrong?

So, today I decided to head over to the brand-spanking new YMCA by my house for my speedwork session. The facility just opened yesterday and it's quite nice. Tons of cardio equipment (I think I counted 40+ treadmills), a nice spin studio, a small family pool. All pretty and shiny :-)

It's 8:30 in the morning and there are 5 of us using treadmills, a couple people on ellipticals, some on the weights, but overall really quiet. I get myself setup for my 3x1600 speedwork. The TMs are great: they charge your iPod while you run, nearly all have TVs attached, it's going GREAT! I'm jamming out to my tunes while I watch Regis. I'm into my 3rd mile sprint, almost done actually, when all of a sudden, the treadmill goes from the 7 mph I had it set at to 4 mph.  I literally SLAM into the front of the TM because my legs are still going said 7 mph.  I even torque my knee a little, which pisses me off.

No where on the treadmills does it say they will automatically switch to cool-down mode at 30 minutes.  NO WHERE!!  Now, not only have I lost all my workout data because the timer went away, but I'm in a bit of pain from slamming my stomach into the TM bar.  Needless to say, I'm a bit pissed.  I quick speed the TM back up to finish my last 1/4 mile or so of my sprint and then I slow the belt down to 6.0 to do my cooldown 1/4 mile.  During this, the stupid thing slows itself down several more times because I didn't think to just turn it off and restart.  It's still in it's own cooldown mode.  I finish my workout and really have no idea what my actual time was.  At least the distance was accurate.

So, here's my "True Confession" question.  Do you think it's right for gyms to automatically impose workout time limits on the equipment?

The other branch I go to has little signs up "please limit your time to 30 minutes" but I take that to mean if others are waiting or during peak hours, not when there are a bazillion other machines open.  This morning, there were no less than 35 open treadmills.  Also, all of us have very different workout goals.  I don't think I've done less than 30 minutes on a treadmill in forever.  Does this make me some kind of workout snob because I might want to run 6 miles or because my 3.5 to 4 mile speedwork can't be finished in less than 30 minutes (at least not by me)?  My husband says I need to talk to the gym about this because, A) I could have really gotten hurt when the TM changed speeds without warning, and B) to see why this is the policy.  I'm not even sure what to say without coming across as bitchy and complaining.  Any suggestions, my dear friends?

Also, since this is True Confession Tuesday, I'll confess that yesterday was my birthday (my 3rd annual 39th if you must know) and I ate a lot of crap and drank a fishbowl's worth of margaritas.  Calories do not count on your birthday! (Also, THANK YOU to everyone who wished me "happy birthday" yesterday on twitter, facebook, texts, the hood - I love all you guys!)

So, by now you probably know I'm training for my first FULL MARATHON! I would LOVE your help in getting across the Grand Rapids Marathon finish line.  I have set up a sponsorship page in which you can help me reach my goal of crossing that finish line.  You can click HERE, or click on the tab above.  I would love and appreciate any support you can give me.  You can read about my first sponsor hereBloggy and linky love will follow, as well as the chance to sponsor individual miles and run "with" me on October 16th.  I cherish all the love and support my readers have given me this year.  I wouldn't be attempting this race without you. 

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