Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Me

For the past 2 years, the lovely ladies over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans have lead an exercise in which you write a letter to yourself from the perspective of the future. The idea is to see your goals as having already been met, thus making them a little less scary or something. Here goes my letter from 2013 me to 2012 me.

Dear 2012 Me,
Well, Bari, you managed to make it through the kids' first year of high school relatively unscathed! They did fantastic & are kicking butt as 10th graders now. You kept your training going around their schedules, which was a challenge, but so necessary for your mental & physical health.
You started the year a little down because of those pounds you put back on after your 2011 marathon, but training for those 12 races this year got your weight back under control. You recognized that the gain wasn't the end of the world & that you could manage healthy eating again.
As for those 12 races? You kicked serious butt, girl! Starting the year with the Tinker Bell Half was so fun. Running it with your friends was a great kickoff to the year. You had a blast running in Knoxville with Brooke & Jaime, even though the hills were a huge challenge. You finally managed to get that sub-30 5k and set PRs at both your 25k River Bank Run & Grand Rapids Marathon!
Be proud of yourself, Bari. 2012 was an amazing year!
Love, Me

Next year at this time I'll revisit this letter & confirm that my predictions were spot-on.

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