Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shrink Yo'Self in 2012 - Goals

During the majority of 2011, I stepped away from the challenges over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  I love those girls with all my heart, but felt like I needed to focus on my running and I was at goal weight (and maintaining), so participating in "shrinking" challenges didn't really make sense.

Well, the last 2 months of 2011 kicked my butt, and I find myself up about 10 pounds from where I'd like to be.  I'm never going to be a size 2 skinny mini, but I'd really like my size 6s & 8s to fit again.  I can still zip them, but I sure don't like the way they look.  I've become a person I don't like to see in the mirror anymore, and that's bullshit because I'm way hawter than that! LOL

The first assignment in the Shrink Yo'Self in 2012 challenge is to set some goals for the next 8 weeks.  I'm going to keep mine pretty simple.
  1. Lose at least 5 pounds in the next 8 weeks. My plan is to cut out the late night snacking, fill my plate with fruits and veggies first, drink mostly water, and cut back on the booze (as I type this, I'm planning on drinking a beer while I watch U of M hopefully get spanked in their bowl game).
  2. Add strength training at least 2 days a week.  I've started the Tough Mudder workouts with Kirsten, Erin, Ali and Ashley along for the ride.  We're planning 3x a week, but a more realistic goal for me might be 2x.  I've also added the 100 Push-Up program back into my workouts.  GUNS, baby!
  3. Be able to complete 5 negative chin-ups without my toes on the chair.  This is part of the TM workout - to be able to do a real chin-up, but I'm nowhere close to that yet.
There you have it.  3 relatively simple but hopefully achievable goals for this challenge.

As a note: I will be posting changes to me weight but will not be posting my actual weight here.  I'm also making a concerted effort to only weigh-in on the assigned day.  We'll see how that goes.

*edited* I didn't realize we were also supposed to weigh-in today, but I did (thanks to my obsessive scale use).  I'm down 1.6 from Sunday. It's a start. :)

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