Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"You Know What To Do. So do it."

My dear friend, Kirsten, is very wise.  She knows I'm not happy with the number I've been seeing on the scale lately.  Her reply? "Stupid numbers" and "You know what to do. So do it." 

She's absolutely right.  First off, the number is just a number.  True, it needs to be a smaller number than it is right now or I'm going to need to buy new pants, but it IS just a number.  I've also lost this weight before and I know how to do it.  The problem?  I don't think the running is going to work this time.  This is what I did on Saturday. 
I spent just over 2 hours running on the treadmill and was blessed with my highest weight in well over a year the next day.  Now, I know some of that is water from sore muscles, and I ate a lot of salty foods to try and combat the severe dehydration I ended up with from sweating inside on the treadmill, but still.  NOT HAPPY.

Like she said, I need to "keep my body guessing".  This is where cross training and strength training comes in.  I've also been more lax with my diet and that needs to stop. Period.  How am I fixing this?  By tracking my food again using the Livestrong Daily Plate app. I've also bumped my daily calories down a bit.  No one freak or tell me that isn't enough to eat. On days I run more than 3 miles, I eat back the majority of calories I burn.  Figuring the right number of calories while training for half and full marathons is not an easy task. 

I've also been going through the Tough Mudder strength workout 2-3 times per week (on days I don't run) and the One Hundred Push Ups app 3 times a week (on running days usually).  The Tough Mudder workout kicks my ass and right now and I'm only completing the circuit once.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks, I'll be able to go through it twice.  I need to modify many of the moves (hello, I can't do a pull up yet or a decent "real" pushup) but I'm seeing progress.  Welcome to the gun show :) Total dork.
Seeing the hint of some baby biceps and triceps this week definitely made me happy and clearly more than a little goofy.  Being able to hold myself up to the chin up bar and do some better negative pull ups (where you lower yourself down vs trying to pull yourself up) is definitely showing progress.

So, while the scale isn't exactly cooperating with me, I'm changing behaviors that will HOPEFULLY net some nice results in the end.  That is my confession this week.  What's yours?  What are do doing to change behaviors that are negatively impacting where YOU want to be?

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