Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confessions: Chicago!

I super big puffy heart love Chicago.  Seriously, it's probably one of my my favorite places to visit and is close enough to me that I can go on the spur of the moment.  This weekend I got to do just that.  I got wind that 2 of the writers from Shrinking Jeans (Christy and Melissa) were meeting up in Chicago to do some work on the site and Nancy (another Shrinking Jeans writer) was planning to take the train in on Sunday to meet them for breakfast.  I was lucky enough to go along and it was surreal to see the girls again (it had been WAY too long).  We had a great time having breakfast and seeing a couple of Chicago landmarks before Christy and Melissa had to catch their shuttle for the airport.  
The Bean
Beautiful ladies
Looking down 103 floors from the Willis (Sears) Tower SkyDeck
Yep, we are all in the glass box, 103 floors above the city!
After Nancy and I said goodbye to Christy and Melissa (after only a few short hours - so wish we could've spent more time together), we walked up and down Michigan Avenue.  The day was absolutely glorious.  
For the record, Marilyn is wearing panties.
I even did a little fantasy shopping.  There's something about designer $800-900 shoes that make you feel like a princess (and having feet small enough to try on the display shoes & not have to talk to the sales people is PRICELESS).  
Something about that red Louboutin sole is so sexy
Channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw in a pair of Manolo Blahniks
Thankfully, Nancy wore her FitBit so we were able to get an idea of how far we walked.  The 6.6 miles helped to undo some of the booze choices on Saturday night and the food on Sunday (although we were both really good at dinner and ordered the most amazing fish tacos - so yummy!).

Monday was back to reality.  I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women strength training workout yesterday.  I'm not very sore today, but you can read about how it impacted my pride here. My experience with the free weights area really  made me wonder why women think there is an sign above the door that reads "Penis Required for Entry", because last time I checked - there wasn't.

Probably not the "confessions" post you were expecting, huh?  Today I'm feeling pretty good about everything, even if my dress is a little snug.  I'm on the right track and I'm hoping to get back to running this week (even if it means running with some pain - I have a half marathon in a month!)

Confess something awesome about your week in the comments. I give you permission to love yourself today.

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