Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shrink Yo'Self in 2012 week 8

I hope someone out there is shrinking, cuz it sure as hell isn't me.  I'm down a whopping .4 this week (that's POINT 4, not 4 pounds) which is sad cuz my obsessive scale habits tell me I was down 2 lbs on Thursday, but I managed to finally find my appetite again and blew my flu-induced weightloss.

It is what it is.  Do I wish I was seeing more results (hell ANY results)? Yes.  What it is it is.

I do have something exciting in the works that might actually help my clothes start fitting better.  Beginning Monday, I will be adding in the strength workouts from the book The New Rules of Lifting For Women.  I'm working on getting the book read this week and I'd like to start incorporating some of the diet changes as well (mainly adding in more protein, NOT restricting calories so much, etc).  A few of us girls have gotten together and started another blog.  You can find us here.  We will be blogging our progress through the stages and including before/during/after pictures and measurements.  Wish us luck!

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