Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shrink Yo'Self in 2012: Week 5

Since it's Wednesday, I need to take a break from the Tinker Bell Half celebrating and see what damage the weekend did to me on the scale.  It's week 5 in the Shrink Yo'Self challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  Ready for it?  I wasn't, but I knew it was coming.  I'm up another 2.2 (and now 2.4# higher than when the challenge started) and in a very ugly place weight-wise.  Like, so ugly, I'm giving serious thought to joining Weight Watchers again or something, because I'm obviously failing miserably at losing the weight on my own.  I know some of it is still water weight from the race and flying because I can barely get my rings on right now, but that doesn't explain the (now) 12 pounds I have to lose to get back to a healthy weight.  It fucking sucks. No doubt about it.

I have all these memory boards right about my computer.  Pictures that show a happy, thinner girl.  I want to get back to being the girl I see in this picture, confident enough to run in just a long bra and tutu:
Fitbloggin May 2011
But right now, I'm not loving pictures I see of myself. Here is one of the only pictures from this weekend's race that I thought was half-way decent. I want to be that happy all the time, not just when cheesing for pictures at Disneyland.
Tinker Bell Half Marathon 1-29-12
Now, back to happier programming!  You can read part 1 (the expo and Disneyland) of my Tinker Bell Half Marathon race report here.  Part 2 (race day) should be up tomorrow!

Also, my wonderful friends over at Shrinking Jeans launched a new site this morning: Shrinking Kitchen!  You really must go and check it out.  Christy and Melissa (as well as many of the other writers) have some amazing recipes over there, plus kitchen terms, weights/measures, you name it!  Go give the girls some love, m'kay?

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