Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Broken

I guess if your legs are going to pick a time to rebel and you need to take some time off from running even though you have a half marathon in five weeks and you're now freaking out over your ability to complete it it might as well be at a time when winter decides to finally arrive in West Michigan.

We actually have a snow day today (which is really kind of silly, but I'll take it).  I needed the extra sleep this morning.  Tomorrow I'll take pictures and measurements for the NROLFW program I'm starting next week.  Please ignore any self-loathing tweets this may result in.  

It just seems so weird to read everyone's tweets and whatnot about their long runs tomorrow knowing that I won't be running "with" them.  So far I think I've only made it back up to 7 since Tinker Bell and this time off is really screwing with my plans, but I know I need it or I may not be running at all come April 1st.  I'm just hoping my body is playing an early April Fool's joke and all will be back to normal in a week or so.

What do you do to keep from going crazy when you can't do the workouts you want to do?

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