Tuesday, February 7, 2012

True Super Bowl Confessions

I'm in a pissy mood because I typed a post using BlogPress on my phone, complete with pictures & shit, and it wouldn't let me publish. Kept giving me the message "Failed: Seems your network is not ready for posting." WTF is that supposed to mean?

So, I confess that I really didn't care who won the Super Bowl.  I was totally watching for the commercials.  (Loved the M&Ms one and the spot for The Voice with Betty White.)

I ate, but I didn't eat a ton.  What I ate though could barely be classified as "health food". I made the best beer, cheese & brat soup I've ever tasted, some buffalo chicken roll-ups, and lil smokies in spicy peppers.  Yep.  Salt.Salt.Salt and some more Salt, with a side of fat thrown in.

I drank, but kept it to 2 glasses of wine.

I had dessert.  Red Velvet Cake.  It was good.

The scale is going to be evil tomorrow because of all that crap and the fact that I had left over soup for lunch and dinner on Monday, as well as another piece of cake.  I'm clearly a moron.

I drank a shit-ton of water yesterday in the hopes to counteract some of the sodium, but my rings still barely fit today.  If this trend continues, I'm not only going to need a whole new fat wardrobe, but I'm going to need to have my rings made bigger, which really pisses me off because I've already had them made smaller.  I don't have money for new clothes and rings.  Our kids start Driver's Ed this spring and it's going to cost us over $700.  Plus there are races I want to run, even though running at this weight is probably destroying my knees and ankles.  Frak.  I'm really in a bad mood today.  Sorry.

I hope you were smarter than me in your eating and drinking this week.  So, the important question...What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

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