Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday: giving thanks

Giving thanks for three randoms today!

1.  A super fun blogger run date with Corey on Sunday.  We ran a virtual 5k (Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas in the hopes to win a t-shirt) and then finished for a total of 5 chilly miles.  There was lots of cheesy picture taking around town and I got puppy snuggles from her sister's puppy Molly (and mistaken for a chew toy).

2.  Both of my kids ROCKED on their ACT tests (their scores came out yesterday).  They each improved by 2 points over their first try and their scores are pretty freaking impressive.  To top that off, my girl got her first collegiate recruitment letter yesterday for diving!  It's not a school that will work for what she's planning as her major but what a cool honor to be recruited.

3.  I started lifting again yesterday and I didn't die.  I used a few of the machines and dumbbells and I can even sorta move today (which probably means I didn't lift heavy enough).  Shameless gym selfie showing I totally forgot a headband and hair ties, so my hair was in my face the whole time. 

What are you thankful for this week?

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