Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: not looking good

I'm continuously irritated by the effects salt and most foods have on my body and my weight.  I know for a fact I did not consume an extra 7000 calories between Monday morning and Wednesday morning, so why else was I up two pounds in two days?  It's dumb and I hate it.  I can eat healthy all week and have one meal that completely blows everything.

Basically, I'm maintaining at a weight that I feel is unhealthy for me and makes me look like crap. I look like shit in everything I wear and in 3 weeks when we leave for spring break, I'm going to have nothing that fits me.  I definitely won't be sitting on the beach in a bathing suit and forget about putting on a pair of shorts because they won't fit. I've been gaining and losing the same 2 or 3 pounds for months now and I'm still up over 10 pounds from what I think is a healthy weight (but by many standards would still be considered "overweight").  I thought this morning that I would try cutting out bread for the next few weeks, but then 10 min later I was making my usual egg mcmuffin sandwich because I didn't know what else to eat.  I don't want to restrict my eating to something that I know I won't be able to maintain.  What am I supposed to do? Only eat baked chicken and steamed broccoli for the rest of my life?  What kind of life would that be?

Ok, fat rant over for now.  I'm sure you all are getting sick of them anyway.

On a more fun note, I'll be running this bridge while I'm in South Carolina on vacation.
Any Charleston peeps have suggestions about the best way to tackle it?  It's about 2.7 miles long so I'm thinking over and back but I'm not really sure.  This will be a good bridge test for the Detroit Marathon where I have to run the Ambassador Bridge into Canada.

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